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I heard fandom was doing something like this, so I've jumped on board.

1. I do not know that I have a sexuality.
1a. Because, despite what Tumblr says, Evelyne Brochu is not a sexuality.
2. I have two tattoos with a long-standing idea for a third. Ten years is long enough, yes?
3. I wish I lived in a highly unionized country with universal health care. It is shitty to me that as an American these two things are tied together.
4. I listen to the Evita soundtrack so often I own three copies. Madonna isn't exactly a revelation, but I can understand why she's a pop diva.
5. I have been arrested both legally and illegally.
6. I love the opera. The Tales of Hoffmann was the first opera I ever saw, and the Barcarolle remains my favorite duet.
7. Emma Donoghue is my favorite author. She has been since 1995, when I came across a copy of Stir-Fry at my local library. I now work in that library, and Stir-Fry remains my favorite book twenty years later. I could also tell you exactly where it sat on the shelf.
8. I have a massive pinboard from my travels and adventures.
9. I try to read 50 books every year. I make a list and then quit when I've reached 50.
10. I have read most of the queer young adult fiction. A gay character still means more than normality to me.



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