Easiest way to combine everything into one feed that isn't overwhelming?

I want to upload a userpic, but my dreamwidth isn't connected to my mobile device. And my mobile device keeps me up to date on everything, although via different apps.
I heard fandom was doing something like this, so I've jumped on board.

1. I do not know that I have a sexuality.
1a. Because, despite what Tumblr says, Evelyne Brochu is not a sexuality.
2. I have two tattoos with a long-standing idea for a third. Ten years is long enough, yes?
3. I wish I lived in a highly unionized country with universal health care. It is shitty to me that as an American these two things are tied together.
4. I listen to the Evita soundtrack so often I own three copies. Madonna isn't exactly a revelation, but I can understand why she's a pop diva.
5. I have been arrested both legally and illegally.
6. I love the opera. The Tales of Hoffmann was the first opera I ever saw, and the Barcarolle remains my favorite duet.
7. Emma Donoghue is my favorite author. She has been since 1995, when I came across a copy of Stir-Fry at my local library. I now work in that library, and Stir-Fry remains my favorite book twenty years later. I could also tell you exactly where it sat on the shelf.
8. I have a massive pinboard from my travels and adventures.
9. I try to read 50 books every year. I make a list and then quit when I've reached 50.
10. I have read most of the queer young adult fiction. A gay character still means more than normality to me.
awkward grammar, what is up?!

lessons in consumerism from me: the vitruvius minifig does not warrant you buying a 3DTV ... even if the Kylie tour also has a 3D DVD.

nine bones at target does not begin to justify this fact.

especially since nine bones used to = 3 minifigs. now $9 in lego equals 2.333333 minifigs. not so good

I've made a bucket list. this feels like success.
My eyes hate animal dander. Then I end up rubbing my eyes, trying to get the dander out, damaging the delicate tissue surrounding them, then I want to remove the irritation (keep rubbing eyes, self), and now I'm just blinking a lot.

I keep buying uncomfortable but better looking shoes. The website said they were comfortable, my feet say, "No, they are not." Cue trips to the post office and UPS obsessively.


Pony would also like to say hello, and he hopes we soon get to visit the bar named after him.

Time to clippity clop.
Holy fuck. I've been fannish for half my life. Seriously fannish for the last ~12 years.

Current fandoms:
Orange is the New Black: difficult, they're stuck in prison, so there are limits to what can happen between characters.
Orphan Black: I can't rave enough.
Facts of Life: OTP.

It's not a fandom yet...but How to Get Away With Murder's pilot was like reading a book you can't put down. It was John Grisham AND Lee Child.

Life, ... , check. I really want a pony. The difference between Seattle and Tacoma is boldly obvious when I realize that I just spent four hours on public transportation for a one hour meeting. Shouldn't there be a RapidRide for that?
After reading a ton of Orphan Black fic; I have never been more convinced to read and analyze every contract I am presented with.

Thanks, DYAD.
Orphan Black.

If they get nine seasons, I could have a new OTP.

I'm looking at you Jo/Blair.
i have a weird love for montages.

they can make and break a film, people.
I have been denied a third cat, as it will be the gateway cat, and then suddenly I've become a Cat Lady.

But...but...but...she is the third third of Pork and Beans. She is 'Rice' or 'Catwoman'. Pork and Beans have real names. They're known as Ladron (Spanish for 'thief') and Diego (the real name of some character I'm blanking on).

Rice and Beans? Pork and Beans? Pork and Rice?

It's delicious however it's prepared. Adding the third element just makes it better.

But like, actually with medium-grain rice, and a nice pig shoulder, and beans.
It creeps me out that Blue is the Warmest Color is now "erotica". We didn't have no internets in my day, naw...that shit would've been porn.
Blue is the Warmest Color was quite possibly the sex education class they never taught in Lesbian 101.

Oh, to grow up as a young gayling now...

I was forced to steal the lesbian erotica from the library. Oh, who am I kidding, I totally checked it out because I am an awesome patron.

But damn, Gina, I gotta try that.
Don't get me wrong; it's just a goddamn song. Words and music, only three minutes long. Don't get me wrong; so what you're a freak, like everybody else, you're strong and you're weak.

I swear this was/is a song on my iPod. But I cannot find it to save my life.
So many kudos given! And a comment!

I do not understand the appeal of Benedict Cumberbatch.
Yuletide on the laptop, Rashida Jones on the TV.

Life is good.
Rashida Jones.

That is all.
I can no longer keep up with fandom. I can't tumblr/instagram/twitter everything fannish that I'm currently into.

Sarah Michelle Gellar made a Buffy reference on her new show. Unfortunately it was overshadowed by Robin Williams and now I have nowhere to post that.

I always want to call fandom "insular" -- but I don't think fandoms are islands anymore. They're archipelagos. The islands interact and transport goods.

I like fandom. I don't have the right pronouns/words/but I like fandom.
I am craving a medium rare steak, green beans with blue cheese, and a glass of excellent red wine.

For dessert, I would like peach sorbet.

That is all. Thank you.
Femslash. All day, every day.
Antiques Roadshow is streaming on Netflix.

This will be the end of me.
cats and ladies/women/girls and books.

and stress. my blood pressure is ridiculous.
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