also, i think that's a terrible title. :/
Orange is the New Black. I've seen this book go by about a thousand times at this point, but it always just seemed like upper-middle class white girl goes "Locked Up Abroad".

As a long-time Bad Girls fan, I'm a little torn, but there are more boobs in Orange is the New Black.

Jason Biggs, I've seen his penis. It looked like a penis to me. Now I giggle when I see him.

But the flipside is, has she never seen any episodes of any program on MSNBC or that channel that only ever shows Locked Up (Domestic and Abroad). Abroad sounds really genteel, like She went abroad for the summer and ended up with heroin in her vagina.

Other gayest things? Kate Mulgrew, Lea DeLaria, and Natasha Lyonne.

There's something else I was going to say, but I forgot it. Oh, I met a girl, I think we're hanging out on Saturday night. I've met her about 4 times before, but this is the first time we actually ended up talking. Chatted over drinks, then all night at dinner, then we held hands while walking. I think we did. Many free drinks were consumed. Many.

Oh, my non-existent high school relationships. Oh, lesbian arrested development.
Recently, I found myself a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Now that they are out of the NHL playoffs, I don't know if that makes me a bad fan...or a great fan. Hm.
Lesbian Movie with Water of the day:

I Can't Think Straight.

Lisa Ray dangles her fingers through a fountain.
Tired and hungry. Craving wings.

Jack-in-the-Box, make this happen soon. I mean, before I remember I effing hate Jack-in-the-Box.

In other news, the tuxedo cat (Beans) is feeling snuggly. The dinner jacket cat (Pork/the Porker) is sleeping somewhere.
Les Miserables is too long for me to watch. It is 2 hours 38 minutes. My attention span is not that long. Damn, Gina.

If anyone knows how to make my skin not ashy in this picture I took, let me know.
I'm cat-sitting. Request to bring cat to work was denied. Boo.

I saw Titanic once. It was enough.

Went out with a new friend on Wednesday night, talked about our mutual desire to go to Dollywood, OKCupid, Goldfrapp, and how the best part of the Virgin Suicides movie was the soundtrack.

I've been kicking back watching movies like it's going out of style -- I think there are three more on the shelf, none of which I'm super psyched about. Eh.

I guess I'll read a book. I have the new Dan Brown, which is more than likely to be a terrible, albeit quick, read and the third Jeffrey Archer Harry Clifton book. I told a patron I had it on hold too, and she said, "How could you read that?!" I don't know, it's in English, and I really enjoy Jeffrey Archer's style. WTF, check yoself.

Must wear a jacket and tie to Ellen's fucking wedding. We went to a SIFF movie last night and she made me buy her Dick's because she had no cash, and then bought herself popcorn and soda after whining about how broke she is and couldn't afford a ticket to the movie? I wanted to punch her lights out. No joke.

Ooh, watched Pitch Perfect yesterday. Um, Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow in the shower together? Yes, please. And again.

Squee. I guess, I'm back on that horse. I only stumbled upon it, but yeah, omgomgomg, femslash. Ga-lore.

Also, Canada.
...and breaking bad.

there are few scenes which involve more than four major characters; every character has (a) color scheme(s). i'm trying to use it as a character study for my Great Novel.

but now that the end is in sight, i am so. much. more. compelled.

if only i could make my thoughts words.
Watching Breaking Bad is like reading an excellent novel. The author has an idea of where he could end up, now he just had to make it happen in the space alloted.

I don't think I've *ever* liked a television show as much as this. I mean, I've certainly never watched six eps of anything in a day.
I want to read Breaking Bad slash. Walter/Jesse.

But! I'm only on the second season.

It's been a long time since I avoided spoilers. But...
Totally craving fried chicken and mashed potatoes wtf.
I've already read two books this year!

Work at 6 tomorrow, after working 8-1 AND 6-9 today. Damn, Gina I so sleepy.

Yuletide was a good year -- I've had better, but the anticipation is always the same. I'm like a kid on Christmas, oh wait.

Christmas was too many people in a tiny house, crap food, and bizarre gifts.
- One gift set from the Popcorn Factory (bowl, twizzlers, three bags of popcorn and a Jelly Belly Uno game.)
- 16 of those popcorn boxes
- One metal sign proclaiming: Popcorn! (Perfect for...)
- Signed Tom Douglas cookbook (famous Seattle chef; not that I've ever been to one of his restaurants)
- Used puzzle shaped like a cat
- One fog-free shower mirror (I've always wanted one)
- Pilon: mortar and pestle, gringos
- A Roku box

The fantastic trip to NYC was mental and fantastic and there was so much culture and shopping. The grocery stores there...the foods I could make...

I'm happy they're over. And happy new year. *blows blowy noisemaker thing that unfurls*

One of my two happiest days every year. Yuletide and the International Day of Femslash.

Rereading and rereading fic, specifically on the AO3. So many fics I've missed.

Both of my cats are on my bed. This never happens. I need another blanket, but this never happens...

I haven't even started on my TV fandoms. Hopefully I'll be prepped for Yuletide...
Lesbian Movie Involving Water today?

Kyss Mig from Sweden.

After a heated kiss, they swim in undergarments.
I have been hanging out with my grandparents and uncle for about six hours. Everything is an ordeal with these people.

I am ready to snap. Snapping will commence in five minutes or less. my mother and grandmother insist upon making everyone else watch movies they've already seen and I have no desire to watch?

And then I get badgered into watching them anyway. Fucking a.
Insomnia again. My mom and I had Chinese for dinner and I'm guessing there was caffeine in the tea. is giving me an ad for the library system I work for. Creepy.

At any rate, my family has finally stopped asking when I'll show up to dinner/bowling/Easter (I come from a long line of atheists, wtf), and iterating the fact that I'm fairly happy single and celibate is weird.

Fuck, I have other things to say, but I'm suddenly sleepy so I'd best jump on it like Sir-Mix-a-Lot. What's up Tacoma, what's up...
Yesterday, I was trying to be gallant and a good butch.

We were approaching her building when someone was coming out. I thought I could grab the door in time, except I slipped and fell on my face instead.

Today I've been rocking glasses -- and my team is so nice, no one mentioned my eye is swollen and bruised. Hurts like a mofo. Not to mention, um, I'm allergic to her cat, so the eye was going to swell anyway, but...

Downton! Downton! It gets more fantastically ridiculous (and stays so damn addictive) after every episode.

Penis broken (and fixed!), daughter runs away with chauffeur (to Ireland, no less), one daughter is left at the altar...cancer, gaol, hookers, and another of Daisy's unrequited crushes.

But I just can't stop watching.
I feel like I haven't fangirled about anything recently.

I've been ridiculously busy; now I just need to get paid for it.



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